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We have gluten free food.

Catering Special For Holidays! Contact us for more info.

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9 North Park Ave.
Rockville Center, NY 11570
(Between Sunrise Hwy & Merrick Rd.)

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(516) 536-6816
(516) 536-7093

Today's Special

Finding Dory Roll
Crunchy spicy yellowtail inside with two-piece salmon, two-piece fluke, and avacado on top
Rainbow Dragon Roll
Crunchy spicy white tuna inside with salmon, tuna, striped bass, yellowtail, and avocado on top
Ariel Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado inside with spicy tuna and crunch on top
Crab Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside with crunchy spicy salmon eel sauce on top


Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Sat: 12:00 am - 3:30 pm

Mon-Thurs: 3:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Fri & Sat: 3:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Lunch Special

Mon-Fri: 11:00 am - 3:30 pm | Sat: 12:00 am - 3:30pm
Served with soup or salad

L3.Sushi & Sashimi
8 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs sushi & 1 California roll
Any 2 Rolls 12.00 Any 3 Rolls 15.00
Tuna Smoked Salmon Skin
Salmon Salmon Cucumber
Yellowtail Eel Cucumber
Avocado Eel Avocado
Cucumber Cucumber Avocado
Salmon Avocado Boston
Spicy White Tuna Shrimp Cucumber
Spicy Tuna Alaska
Spicy Salmon California
Spicy Yellowtail Shrimp Tempura
Tuna Avocado Crab Tempura
Tuna Cucumber

Lunch Box
Servered w. soup, salad & shrimp shumai

Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki
Pork Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki
Shrimp Teriyaki
Vegetable Tempura
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
Chicken & Vegetable Tempura


Ice Cream
Tempura Ice Cream
Tempura Banana

Food Allergies?
If you have a food allergy, please speak to the owner, manager, chef or your server.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase
your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.